Dear Parent/Carer

It is a great pleasure to write to you at the start of a new academic year. Even though I have only been in post since June, The Parker feels very much like home. I am excited about our future because my colleagues have inspired me with their passion to make the Academy the best it can be and I believe the children will be equally impressed.


Our 2014 examination results are very pleasing with our results showing improvements at a time when other schools have had a fall. Our GCSE 5A*-C with English and Maths stayed firm at 47%. No student left without a qualification and 95% received 5A*-G.

There were a number of high achieving students with 8.4% attaining at least 5A*-A. Congratulations to Rhiannon Schut for attaining 11A*’s.

At A2, 83.3% of students achieved at least 3 A*-E with 100% gaining at least 2. There was some clear success across the subjects especially in German, Physics, Art, Media Studies and English. A specific well done to Brandon Franks, who achieved A* in Art, A in English Literature and B in History.

New Leadership Team Members

Jenny Gatley – Senior Vice Principal: Learning & Teaching

I am delighted to be working with the students and staff at The Parker as a Maths teacher and Senior Vice Principal to improve the outcomes and life chances of our students. I joined my previous school when they were in the same position and am aware of the challenges we face and have experience on how we move forward to be an Academy we can all be proud of. I have been warmly welcomed by staff and students and look forward to meeting you soon.

Ruth Roberts – Vice Principal: Inclusion

I will be known to many of you as a teacher of English and my previous roles in leadership. My new role has a clear focus to ensure that all students make good progress. The aim is to ensure barriers to progress, in or out of class, are removed with appropriate support put in place.

Joanne Sharkey – Vice Principal Post-16

As a Teacher and Leader I have worked in Coventry, Solihull, London and Nuneaton. My most recent role was leading the Post-16 Centre at Etone College, in Nuneaton, where I improved the average grade per entry for Year 13 from a D to a C and supported students to have an independent and successful future.

Anthea Bailey – Director of Finance

I joined the Academy in July, from St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton where I worked in Business Administration and Compliance. I was responsible for the School Support Team that consisted of Finance, HR, ICT and Estate Management. I have previously worked in IT and Telecoms and more recently in Early Years Education Management.


We are in the Process of reviewing our target setting process and believe that they should be challenging and aspirational. This forms part of our Unity, Strength and Endeavour ethos. Targets will be issued to students over the next few weeks.


In order to improve our parental communications, we have purchased a web portal so all parents can track their children’s progress, attendance and targets through a secure website.

We will issue log-ins to all parents very soon, but we want to encourage some parents to be ‘early adopters’ in order to help us support other parents. If you are willing to be part of our pilot, please send an email to:

Site and Buildings

I hope you have noticed that we have had a very busy summer. Through the partnership of Northamptonshire County Council, E-ACT and Borras Construction we have been able to complete a significant refurbishment programme.

Most of the work has been at floor and ceiling level and so won’t grab the headlines but when you combine this with the work our own amazing Site Team have done to redecorate and repair the general environment, the effect is superb. It is our sincere hope that we don’t have to fear any further ceilings falling in or roofs leaking when the wintery weather comes.


It is a disappointment to me that we haven’t been able to deliver a new website for the Academy.  Whilst we try to find a suitable company at a cost that we can afford we will persist with our current layout.  In the meantime, the easiest way to find out what is going is to follow us on Twitter:@TheParkerEACT.   



Andrew R. Mackereth